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Last updated at Wed May 04 20:44, by zegenie
The Bug Genie 3.1 beta 3 now available!

The Bug Genie 3.1 beta 3 was just released for download and this tracker has been updated as well. As beta 2 had a few remaining quirks (including a very unattractive quirk that messed up wiki links), we've decided to release this one a bit ahead of schedule. This new beta release brings:
  • Several bugfixes
  • A new timeline RSS mode that will let you see only important changes (issues created and closed + commented) instead of all changes
  • Quick links to user editing from user popups
  • Deleting and easier editing of saved searches

Installation and upgrade instructions are available from our FAQ page.

Please note: If you're already running beta 1 or , you don't need to follow the upgrade procedure. Just extract over the existing files and clear (empty the contents of) the following folder:

Get the updated beta here:

The Bug Genie 3.1 is scheduled for release in May, 2011

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