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Introduction  ⇑ top

We provide the source code in a Git repository, of which the URL is below:

You can retrieve the source code without a github account, and our git page also allows you to download the code, look through the commit history log and more.

Git branches  ⇑ top

We do our development in different git branches. Each git branch has a specific purpose, described below.

Master  ⇑ top

The master branch is unstable
The master branch is where the next non-bugfix release development goes on. The next non-bugfix release can be a 3.x release, 4.0, 5.0, etc., but is generally unstable. You can use this if you want to track the ongoing development of new features and rewrites, but do not use the master branch on production servers. Releases never happen from the master branch, but from one of the release branches.

Release branches  ⇑ top

There are a number of release branches, representing the ongoing bugfix development of each point release. The release branches are considered generally stable, but may contain bugs. All new releases (3.2.4, 3.2.5, etc) happen from a release branch.
branch-32 - TBG 3.2.x development, 3.2.x tags
branch-31 - TBG 3.1.x development, 3.1.x tags

As soon as a new point release (3.x, 4.x etc) is released, a new branch will be created for this release, and its initial release and all continuing development happening on that version will occur in its release branch. The main development will continue in the master branch.

Pull requests  ⇑ top

We accept pull requests against master for new features and bugfixes, as well as the release branches for bugfixes. Feel free to create a pull request and one of our team members will review and merge it as soon as possible.

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