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Last updated at Mon Feb 18 13:57, by zegenie

Mercurial hook for VCS integration  ⇑ top

Due to licensing restrictions, we are unable to include this plugin with your download of The Bug Genie 3. However it is provided here for you to access at any time.

This hook has been kindly provided by Alex Smith -
Latest version: 1.0 (21/02/2011)

License  ⇑ top

This hook is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.0 or later. You must read the terms of the license agreement before using this hook, and it can be obtained from the GNU website.

Installation and usage  ⇑ top

Full instructions for installing and using the hook are included in the hook itself, just open the hook in a text editor to read the installation instructions. Also, remember to read through the general Usage instructions to learn more about how to get the hook up and running.

Download  ⇑ top

You can download the hook from this website.

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