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Introduction  ⇑ top

Here is a quick overview of the table structure used for projects and issues in The Bug Genie.

Scoped data  ⇑ top

Keep in mind that almost all data in The Bug Genie is scoped, by using a scope column on all tables containing scoped data. This means that if you want to import data into multiple scopes, be aware of the scope id for the scope valid for the desired hostname(s). This scope id must be used to populate the scope column when importing data into any tables.

The default scope (scope id 1) can be used to import data into the default scope valid for all hostnames (default setup).

Tables  ⇑ top

This is a list of all tables, in the following format:
Table description
Table name used in database
Table overview

Projects  ⇑ top


Column nameTypeDescription
namestring (200)The name of the project
keystring (200)The key, used for project and issue URLs
prefixstring (5)An (optional) 5-character prefix for issue numbers
deletedboolean, default falseWhether or not the project is deleted. Deleted projects are not available

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